• Deborah Petrou

What does Self-Care look like?

In recent weeks self-care has been highlighted in many posts (mine included). It’s become a buzzword.

Some people think self-care equals being selfish but I believe that self-care equals self-respect. It’s about how we look after our mind, body and soul; our physical, emotional and professional relationships and most importantly our relationship with ourselves.

If we don’t respect ourselves how can we expect others to respect us?

What does it look like? For me it can be getting an early night when I need it or waking up early to have some time to myself before the mayhem of the work and family/home-schooling day begins. Sometimes it’s a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate or a bubble bath. Whilst I love all of the above, I have to say that my greatest indulgence is currently time spent alone.

It might sound simple but 30 minutes with my morning coffee in the garden sets me up for the day. An uninterrupted hour listening to an Audiobook, catching up with paperwork or doing an online yoga class energizes me. I refuse to feel guilty for that.

What self-care is NOT is being at everyone’s beck and call and feeling guilty for doing something for yourself.

When you look after yourself you have more energy to give others around you. ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. If you keep yourself topped up, you can be present in other areas of your life.

You don’t have to move mountains - many posts currently focus on all the things you could be doing in lock-down which is fine as long as you are realistic and able to say “I will do what I can and that is enough”.

I have good days and bad days - I am human. As long as I keep moving forward then I am winning. In other words, I am worth it. That’s what self-care looks like for me. I know that when I don’t do these things I feel depleted and resentful. When I do them, I feel energized and able to give my time and energy to others.

If you are struggling with self-care, it might help to talk to someone who can help you to think about you and what you need.

Self-care works.

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