How can counselling help?
You'll understand yourself and the way you think better, which will ultimately help you develop a clearer understanding of your problems. The more armed with information you are, the easier it gradually becomes to navigate your way through any difficulties you are facing so that eventually you can come out the other side feeling more positive. 
How long will it take?
Some people come for short term work to focus on a particular problem. Others may wish to make deeper changes and continue in long term therapy. In most cases, a single session will not be enough to help overcome any issues you are facing. Counselling is a journey, and it takes time and consistency to work effectively.
How much will it cost?
My standard counselling fee starts from £70 for a 50 minute session. AIT sessions can last up to 90 minutes and start at £80. I reserve some lower fee sessions for individuals with a limited income. In common with most therapists, I charge for missed sessions or for cancelled sessions that cannot be rearranged.
How often will I need to come?
We would find a mutually convenient time and meet regularly each week, for as long as you find it helpful.

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